Judging Criteria

1. Concept / Creativity: (20%)
Innovative ideas that lead to final design solution
Original solutions for interactivity
2. Technical / Ease of use / Navigation (25%)
Outstanding use of special software applications
Data base: ex. Oracle, S Q L Server, IBM DB2 … etc

Language used: ex . net frame work ( ASP, ADO,C# VB ) PERL ( CGI … etc ) JAVA Script + more…etc. (.Net, JSP, EJB, Perl, PHP, ASP, ColdFusion, SQL, C, C++, Visual Basic, HTML/HTTP, XML, DHTML, WAP, CSS, SSL)
Compatibility and adaptation of the design.
3. Content/Structure: (25%)
of links
of contents

of Data

Easy navigation & user friendly
Accessibility of the website (KB size)

HTML (asp, php, cgi, xml, sql …etc) formats preferably should not exceed 60KB/webpage in each website.
Flash animation (swf) preferably should not exceed: 300KB (the smaller the better).
In design of all the inner and outer web pages of the website.
4. Visual design solution/Aesthetics (20%)
Proper application of design principles: Harmony, balance, color scheme, contrast.
Interactivity of type and image.

Sequential design: visual links between main page and inside pages with the respect of the site brand and identity.
5. Interactivity (10%)
  Building interesting valuable experience: Control, creativity, productivity, communication and adaptation.
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