What is Pakistan Web Award?
Pakistan Web Award is made to serve as a source of inspiration to those looking forward to see and encourage the ICT talent and innovation. It is an award given to the designer/owner of a website that stands above the rest because of its concept, technicality and structure hence meeting the international standards.
What makes a Pakistan Web Award different?
Its not just "any" competition, the Aims and Objectives of Pakistan Web Awards keeps it significant from others.
Whose Initiative is it?
Holding of Pakistan Web Awards is the initiative of a private firm i.e., "The Xeptionalz" and the Ministry of Information Technology, Government of Sindh; has patronized the Event.
Why should I participate? What do I get, if I win the award?
Besides the respect, recognition, and admiration of your peers, receiving a Web Award creates a marketing opportunity for the site that is recognized and the firm or organization that created it. To help promote your win, the PAKISTAN WEB AWARDS provides:
  1. An icon for your Web site
  2. A handsome plaque or Certificate for display
  3. Inclusion in the Web Award winners' database
  4. Free one-year registration on Pakistan's first-ever online bidding website for International Web Development Projects
  5. Valuable feedback from the Web Award judges, including comments, site scores in all criteria and industry benchmarks to provide perspective.
What is the Registration Procedure?
Submission of nominees are being taken Classification-wise
  • Fee Structure
    1. For Students: Rs.2000/-
    2. For Professional Web Developers: Rs.4500/-
    3. For Organizations: Rs.6500/-
  • Deadline 30 October 2010.
  • Bank Details
    Applicants to remit their payment ONLY Through Bank Draft / Pay Order under intimation to & in favor of:
    “The Xeptionalz”
    PKR Account No. 0032010101796-4
    Askari Commercial Bank Ltd. (Branch Code: 0032)
    Asia Pacific Trade Centre, Rashid Minhas Road
    Gulistan-e-Jauhar; Karachi.
Why are you charging fee?
The simple fact is if you charge a small amount, the participants will place a higher value on their commitment to participate in the Awards. So, by introducing a modest registration fee, we are hoping to reduce the number of non-serious participants and prevent botheration to our valued Jury Members who would be taking out their precious time to invest on scoring for Awards.

We want to keep the Pakistan Web Awards vibrant and hope that introducing a registration fee will help to do this.
What are the entry/website categories?
We have listed more than 90 categories industry wise. They are designed in a way to allow participants to choose any category that best suits their website.
What if my website does not fall in any of the category you mentioned?
You may suggest a new category for approval. If the criterion of registration of minimum 3 websites is fulfilled, we will open the new suggested category also.
What do the judges look for in a website?
Our judges evaluate websites according to five elements: Creativity, Technicality, Content, Aesthetics and Interactivity. See the Judging Criteria for more information.
Can I register for multiple Websites?
Yes, you can register for multiple websites. Each website would be treated in an individual capacity for which registration would be done individually, increasing your chance of winning. Plus, there is no limit to the number of different website entries that may be submitted by any entrant.
What are the Award Levels?
We have the following award levels, depending on a website's evaluation score:
  • Diamond Award for the best website in Pakistan (Score 90% or higher)
  • Platinum Award for the 1st Runner-up (Score from 80% to 89%)
  • Gold Award for 2nd Runner-up (Score from 70% to 79%)
  • Silver Award for each Category Winner
  • Website of the year Award for the highest evaluation amongst all winners
My site is launching next month - can I submit it now? I don't have space to upload, what to do?
Sites are eligible for review at any time after they are submitted. However, intimation would be circulated to all the entrants when their websites would be in evaluation phase and changes afterwards would not be counted.

Submission of Websites varies:
For organization - Sites that do not presently exist on www should not be submitted until they have been launched.

For Students & Professional Web Developers:
They may submit their website on CD-ROM.
How can I be sure you have received my entry?
You will receive a confirmation email acknowledging receipt of your entry. If you do not receive an email confirmation within twenty four hours after your registration, please email info@pakistanwebawards.com
What types of content would make a site ineligible
Entries that contain inappropriate material, propagate "hate" messages, make defamatory statements, or which are otherwise extraordinarily offensive are not eligible. Ineligible entries may be disqualified at any phase of the competition without notification.
When and how the winners will be announced?
Winners will be announced in an Award Ceremony which will be held in Karachi in the month of January 2011.
Who are Organizers?
The Xeptionalz having 8 years of experience is a consultancy firm with specialization in:
  • Media & PR Consultancy
  • ATL & BTL Activities
  • Video Documentaries / TVCs
  • Event Management
  • Designing & Fabrication
For details visit www.thexeptionalz.com
Who should I contact if I need further help?
If you have any questions or concerns about your entry please fell free to contact us thru
Phone: (+92-213) 497-9263, 765-8869;
Fax: (+92-213) 5206666;
Email: info@pakistanwebawards.com
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